Preparation for the placement season

Preparation for the placement season

Jobbers Park

Preparation for the placement season

In this era of ever-increasing competition, one has to be equipped with multiple skills and needs to be good at both technical and non-technical areas. A student should know his subject well and simultaneously, remain informed about things not necessarily found in the text book.

Keeping this in mind, IBMR recently held its pre-placement week. Aptly titled ‘Jobbers’ Park 2012’, it was designed for the students of the college who are presently sitting for their campus interviews.Eminent guests from the industry were called to conduct interactive sessions on corporate etiquette, time management, goal setting, presentation skills, business communication, inter-personal skills and aspiration alignment, among others.

The training for the students was done at two levels — updating their skills for clearing the tests at various companies and enhancing their communication skills to overcome the second hurdle of group discussions and interviews. Madhukar Rajendra and Sani A S from IIT-Delhi conducted the session on the rules of group discussion and interview skills. “A different approach towards group discussion was elaborated to us and practice sessions were also conducted.

I am glad to know that in group discussions, the clarity of thought is more important than the quickness of making a point,” shares Akshaya T, who attended the programme.
Aravind R K, another student, also found it extremely helpful.“I learnt about the different parameters used to evaluate freshers during the job interview. It was an eye-opener when one of the corporate guests said that they build their first impression about us within the first three minutes of entry in the interview room,” he notes.

There were some talks that left a more lasting impact on the students — in particular, Divaspati Bhat, national HR, Cushman & Wakefied, speaking about corporate culture; Ruhi, a corporate trainer from Cocoons Training Solutions, conducting a session on attitude and grooming and Rakshan Muneer, product manager, Onmobile, talking about the marketing of products in the telecom industry.

Linu Lucious, who attended all the sessions, concludes, “I learnt to refine myself in a more presentable manner. The sessions were helpful in developing a positive attitude and improving my confidence. This was also a good orientation programme for us to know about the avenues to choose from various