35 American varsities for education summit

35 American varsities for education summit

Thirty five universities from America will participate in an Indo-American Education Summit to be held in November in three major cities including Bangalore.

The summit will feature among other universities, the University of Rochester, Tufts University and West Virginia University.

The summit is scheduled for  November 13 in Bangalore and will also be held in Delhi and Hyderabad. The promoter of the summit, A S Anumolu said the response from local institutions has been very good so far and expects over 400 institutions to participate in the summit across different cities.

Anumolu said, “The degrees would prove to be one fourth the cost of getting degrees from America. Students will study at a local institution but get degrees from there.”

Anumolu added that despite the foreign education bill being on the anvil American universities are looking to collaborate with Indian varsities as opposed to set up offshore campuses. The collaborations that would be proposed during the summit would include research tie-ups, degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Other programs that will be promoted during the summit will include twinning and transfer programs, distance education programs and partnership programs.