People's problems

Ease ration card procedure

Getting a ration card is no cake walk these days. Apart from going through the grind of filling in the forms and tendering the requisite proof one has to put up with the indifference and lethargy of the authorities.

The text message that follows the application process and sent to the consumer’s mobile phone bears no mention of the address of the ration shop or its exact location where the ration card is to be obtained.

With many ration shops having downed their shutters a long time ago or relocated to a new address, the task of locating the outlet is made all the more taxing. Besides, the owners of the fair price shops are anything but helpful and insist on a letter from the ward officer to look up the names in the lengthy list received by them which is avoidable.

Since a sizable number of applicants are senior citizens, it would be of great help if the authorities display greater presence of mind to ease their plight by making the whole exercise hassle free. Simple things like providing the complete address of the Ration shop to the consumer, list of names in alphabetical order to the shop owner (to name only a few) can go a long way in making life easier for the harassed consumer.
N J Ravi Chander,
No.4, Maiganda Deva
Mudaliar Road,
Fraser Town

Road work at snail’s pace

The digging of roads in Vignana Nagar connecting Kaggadasapura Main Road and Kengal Hanumanthaiah Main Road as well as Namoshi Road connecting Old Airport Road was started in the middle of November 2012. Only one car or truck can pass through existing part of the road.

Because of digging and extremely slow work, there is huge traffic every day.
This creates long traffic jams causing delay for schoolchildren and officegoers. The authorities concerned may give special attention to complete the work at the earliest.

K V Jos,
Vijayalakshmi Apartments, Kaggadaspura Main Road,
C V Raman Nagar

Silt deposit on road

Silt removed from drain on Pottery Road along the railway line has been dumped on the road and not removed for over a month now. This has been leading to waterlogging whenever it rains.

The authorities concerned should take steps to remove the silt. Garbage has not been removed for weeks on the road that connects Viviani Road with Kandaswamy Road in Richards Town. Some residents set the accumulated garbage on fire.

A number of students and other pedestrians use the stretch. Gates installed at both the ends of this lane have fallen down and need to be refixed.
Zaffar Sait,
Residents’ Association, Richards Town

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