From Prince Charles' Highgrove to Delhi


Delhi played host to Jeremy Houghton, one of Britain’s most established painters, currently the resident artist at Prince Charles’ Highgrove Estate and the official artist for London Olympics 2012. Metrolife caught up with Jeremy when he was in town on his maiden visit to the country and to exhibit his latest works at the IHC.

What has been the experience like? “This is my first trip to India and indeed my first solo exhibition too. I have sold works earlier but never exhibited them, so, it is very exciting for me.” Jeremy’s paintings are oils on canvas and all inspired by the flamingos he saw while teaching art in Africa.

His work is an aesthetic study of relationships, creating works which embrace the pleasure of seeing. The conservation of balanced connections between man and nature is the chief inspiration behind his work - particularly those concerning water - and how they can be portrayed from different visual, social and environmental angles. What has been the response of Delhiites? “Most people in India have never experienced a body of work like this before so they enjoyed looking at this new and enlightening art.”

But art is being explored here far more than earlier. He responds: “Yes, the art scene is growing and finding its feet here. But at the moment it is more focused on local Indian artists. For an international artist to create a stir they have to have a big, recognisable name and style.”

So, what does Prince Charles like in terms of art? “He has a good taste in a variety of art. Mostly traditional but he has a soft corner for watercolours.” Is there a specific style or form that he has to follow as the resident artist? “My paintings are my observations of what goes on behind the scenes on the estate. It is an environmentally friendly place where traditional farming methods are used. So I have depicted the workers who don’t get noticed and how they live with the land.”

Coming back to Delhi, has he had time to explore Delhi yet? “I am only here for a week and it’s a business trip so the only chance to escape from the gallery is spent in going for meetings.

But even these little trips have given me a fascinating insight into Delhi and from what I have seen and heard, I love it.” Has he tasted the famed food yet? “I think Indian food is incredible. I have had one of the best meals ever and experienced an amazing array of taste sensations!”

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