Grade separator execution faces hurdles since 3 years

Palike is in favour of the project to ease traffic pressure: Commissioner
Last Updated : 11 October 2009, 19:16 IST

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The BBMP has stated that the project has failed to take off due to objections from the local leaders.

As per the Detailed Project Report prepared in the year 2006, a Grade separator worth Rs 17.2 crore was to be built at the Tagore Circle. The contract was awarded to two companies, Simplex and Jagannath Constructions for building the underpass. While it has been two years since the foundation stone was laid at the place by the then coalition government, the work has not begun  even after two years. It is learnt that due to political pressure at the local level, the project may now be even scrapped.

Indefinite hold
 Palike officials state that local interference has caused the project to be put on indefinite hold. “With the pre-cast elements already in place, the work could begin at a moment’s notice,” informed a Palike official. But if the contract is not carried out, the BBMP may now have to pay a hefty penalty to the companies for being unable to execute the work.

Responding to the matter, the BBMP Commissioner, Bharath Lal Meena said: “That is not an option. The matter will be sorted out.”

The Commissioner stated that the Palike is in favour of the project to ease the traffic pressure. “We are trying to solve the issue. Some are for it while others are against,” said Meena. Palike officials believe that the work will be a fruitful investment as and when the volume of vehicles increase in the future. However, locals have been against the idea of the Tagore Circle underpass being built due to fear of losing most of the green cover around the area.

The initial estimate of vehicular movement for the requirement of a underpass was  to ease the current traffic load of 11,362 pcu per hour.

Meanwhile, the projected traffic load is to increase to 24,863 pcu per hour after 20 years.

Published 11 October 2009, 19:16 IST

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