Light notes and pleasant rhythms

Music lovers enjoyed a quiet evening of jazz recently at the terrace of Bricklane Grill, Indiranagar. A magical ambience was created on the cold December night, as the quintet of ‘MoonJazz’ — comprising Jagadeesh M R on guitar, Madhuri on vocals, K N Prakash on bass, Raman Iyer on saxophone and Imraan Jamal on drums — gave an absolutely wonderful performance.

The performance in progress. The place filled up with regulars and first-timers, who were there to dine. The focus was clearly on the little stage in the corner, where the musicians played with a palpable passion. The entire restaurant was decorated — with a Christmas tree, with the presents around it and silver bells hanging everywhere. Smiling waiters also sported Santa hats, adding to the festive feel.

The band seemed to be having a great time, playing the likes of ‘All Blues’ by Miles Davis, the popular number, ‘Summertime’, Herbie Hancock’s ‘Cantaloupe Island’, Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’, ‘The Chicken’ by Jaco Pastorius and as a tribute to the recently deceased Dave Brubeck, the much loved ‘Take 5’. By the end of it, they had delved into classic jazz tunes and songs, Latin jazz, bossanova and some great instrumentals. The vocalist, Madhuri, also managed to wow the crowd with her husky voice — just apt for the music.

“I think the space was great to perform in because it’s not the kind of music that needs a lot of volume. It’s just a nice evening of jazz to go with a meal,” says guitarist Jagadeesh. “We had both jazz lovers and those who don’t listen to it too much come and tell us they enjoyed themselves,” he adds.

For those who saw them perform, it was indeed a good experience. “I love jazz, so I’m glad I came here. I love the energy of the band and how they kept smiling at each other. The ambience here is perfect for jazz,” notes Ashwini, an audience member.

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