'Genius' theories akin to akshay patra'

Mathematics has remained a guiding force to budding scientists for more inventions

Lauding the works of renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, retired professor of Mathematics S Bharghava likened the theories of the former to ‘Akshaya patra.’

Addressing the gathering after the inauguration of one-day seminar as part of National Mathematical year-2012 at JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science on Ooty road in the city, in association with Vision Group on Science and Technology, department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science and Technology here on Thursday, Bhargava said, ‘though Ramanujan died at the young age of 32 years, his achievements in the field of mathematics are astonishing. It has remained a guiding force for budding mathematicians. It provide foundation for many inventions further and mathematicians across the globe make use of the same.

He noted that Australia, New Zealand, America and other countries have been presenting awards in name of Ramanujan after 1920. American Mathematical Society and Indian Mathematical Society honours achievers with Ramanujan medals.

Briefing about the journals brought out in his (Ramanujan) name, he said, many journals in America are dedicated to the great personality. United Nations provides fellowships in his name. However, India recognised the works of Ramanujan late.

Bharghava said, there is need for more researches in India about the great mathematician who continues to inspire the world.

In his lecture on ‘contribution of Ramanujan,’ he said, the renowned mathematician’s works have nothing in comparison. He said, Mathematics is a part of nature while other science subjects and even arts are branched out of it. The subject has been a part of evolution. It is great that his discoveries of that time are still in existence.  He cited the growing challenges in mathematics and said the subject can grow only if more researches are conducted. In charge vice- chancellor, University of Mysore B Shivaraj praising Ramanujan said, ‘Mathematics is the mother of all other subjects and Ramanujan is a great mathematician’.

Director (college education division) of JSS Mahavidyapeetha T D Subbanna said, Mathematics is the pillar of Science and Commerce.  He cited that there are many surprising theories in the world which have originated in India, including that of ‘plants response to music’.

Principal of the college B V Sambashivaiah and others were present.

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