Q I am 35 years old woman working in private firm. I want to lose weight as I am 70 kg.  My son who is 12 years  does yoga is also overweight as he weighs   62 kg. Please help me  and my son to lose weight by doing yoga and exercises and what type of food should we have. If I have light food, in between I get hungry  and feel very tired.What should I do to reduce weight?

AWalking is a great exercise, not only for all round fitness, but also for burning calories and losing weight. In fact, it is more convenient than most other forms of exercising, as it does not need any special or elaborate equipment. All you may need are a comfortable pair of walking shoes. With walking, you also have the advantage of choosing the places where you walk. It may be your local park, or a quiet, picturesque area with less traffic. If you walk on a road that slopes up, you will get more exercise.

If you walk for 30 minutes at this brisk pace, you will be burning about 100 calories. Brisk walking is good for an efficient metabolism. In fact, we burn up calories not only when we are walking, but also for 20 minutes after we stop. A half-hour brisk walk is said to burn up about 300 calories. However, it must be mentioned here that for losing weight, the program should also include diet control, after consulting a doctor. 

It is said that walking continuously at a brisk pace for 30 minutes, covering about 2 kms would help in burning stored fat. If you walk daily, you will derive the benefit of burning more calories and also improving your metabolism.

If you find that you cannot find 30 minutes or more for walking, in your personal schedule, you can walk for short periods, two or three times a day. Walk for 5 minutes at an easy pace and then for 10 minutes, at a brisk pace. Do this twice a day.
If you are walking for weight loss, you should be walking daily.

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