It's something different

It's something different

It's something different

Now that the end of the world brouhaha is over and done with, Bangaloreans are all set to welcome yet another New Year.

While most ring in the year by partying till the wee hours in ‘high spirits’, there are also a few who mark the change in the calender by having fun with a small group of family members and friends. Many say that this is a great way to celebrate the occasion, as they will always remember it. Metrolife speaks to a few Bangaloreans, who say that the City has more to it than just its partying spirit.

Many believe that how one starts the year is very important — which is why there are some families who prefer to start it with peace and quiet, as well as a dash of entertainment. Atif, a student, says that he and his family always prefer to stay at home on New Year’s Eve. “We generally cook a feast and enjoy all the entertaining shows on television. It’s a nice time to bond with each other. At midnight, we go to the terrace and watch the fireworks,” he adds.

The Alva family, however, has a different way of bringing their family and friends together — they play cards. Every New Year’s Eve, they get as many family members and friends as possible together and try and play through the night. “We started this tradition a few years ago, when none of us felt like going out. We thought it would be a better idea to stay at home and spend time together,” says Shruthi, who adds that the idea to play cards came up during a power cut.

There are also a few who prefer to go on a long drive outside the City. “There are many cafes, just a few hours away from the City, and going there makes for a really nice drive.
This year, a couple of friends and I have planned to head out a little before midnight. Since none of us drink, there won’t be any problem of drinking and driving,” says Vedanth, a professional.

Some are reserving their plans for the morning of January 1. S Akhila, from the Laughter Club of LIC Colony, Jayanagar, says that she — along with the entire club — is planning on starting the day bright and early by laughing. “Laughing is one of the healthiest ways to exercise. That’s why the club decided that it would be great to start the year that way. We really hope that the entire year too is filled with laughter for all of us,” she adds.

Nayana Kumar, a student, wants to start her year a little differently. She wants to take goodies, go to the nearest old-age home and spend some time with the residents there.
 “The beginning of the year always comes with new hopes and wishes. We are here because of our elders and I want to spend time in the old-age home and distribute sweets on January 1 morning,” she adds.

Rhea, another student, too wants to do something for her neighbourhood. So, she has decided to make greeting cards and distribute sweets to the children living there. “There is more to the New Year than just partying and merrymaking. One can celebrate it with simple things too, like giving someone a chocolate,” she adds.

Enjoyment and celebration surely do come in more ways than one for Bangaloreans. So, for anyone who is bored of the routine party scene, these folks are inspiration enough to try something new.