Stepfather rapes 14-year-old for four months in Varanasi, arrested

Stepfather rapes 14-year-old for four months in Varanasi, arrested

A man allegedly raped his 14-year old stepdaughter for months after chaining her in his house in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi town.

The girl managed to free herself a few days ago, and was found loitering at Mughalsarai railway station in the neighbouring Chandauli district, about 20 kilometres away, on Thursday.

When the girl refused to go back home to her stepfather she was taken by general railway police to Child Line, a voluntary organisation working for lost children, said a police source.
The alleged culprit was arrested on Monday after the girl told police that she had been repeatedly raped by him.

Police said the girl used to work as a domestic help. Her mother had died a few years ago and the stepfather was a drunkard. “Whatever I used to earn by working at others’ homes, he would take it all from me and waste it on buying alcohol,” the teen told police.
She alleged that her stepfather had stopped her from working around four months ago and chained her so that she could not go out. She said she managed to escape as he had forgotten to tie the chain with the window.

The teenager took a train to Mughalsarai. She spent a few days there begging and sleeping at the railways station, where the railway police spotted her.

Police recorded the teen’s statement in the presence of the office-bearers of Child Line.
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