Police tell people to be on their guard

Police tell people to be on their guard

A set of pictures on a pole at Sir M Visvesvaraya Circle in town on Friday attracted the attention of passersby recently.

“He’s from our village, I just didn’t know he was involved in all this,” said somebody. “I am surprised to see this man’s picture in the set,” said somebody else.

“Either way, we just need to be careful: you never know what can happen. We should just remind our family members about this,” they all agreed.

The reactions were the outcome as they all closely looked at pictures of more than 20 people accused of crime, including theft, robbery and cheating, that had been hung by the police at the Circle. The police added a warning for citizens to be on their guard.

“Cases of theft are increasing in town. If the citizens are shown photographs of the accused, we felt they can be wary,” said a police officer.