Believe in Miracles!

Believe in Miracles!

I moved from USA to India about two years ago. It was one of the hugest challenges that I ever faced. But as I learned to believe in myself and love everything I had, miracles occurred.

2 years ago.....

The plane took off from Heathrow airport.... My stomach gulped from being nervous, as the plane stabilised in the sky. I looked down and saw the houses, cars, roads, shops etc. of my city; my country; my world. Soon, everything became bright white and grey as the clouds came in.

It was a time for new beginnings. I was leaving everything I knew; my family had decided to move to India. I wondered how my life could change and longed for my friends and my old environment. I decided that I would always be myself; no matter how the kids were over there.

In my old school, it had taken me a few years to get familiar to everything, speak up, get to know all the people. I had been painfully shy when I first came. I had a great love for books even then, and had found them so much easier to be with compared to people. Books had sparked my imagination, really made me think about ideas and I immensely enjoyed reading them. With people, you need more time to show them the real person you are; putting aside books. It takes confidence and nerve.

After a few years at my old school, I realised that I was more valued when I was just myself. I stopped caring about what other people thought and I mastered the art of keeping myself happy. I shared what I thought and said what I felt. I had started living by (my principle) a wonderful quote of Dr Seuss - “Always say what you really think and feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as before. “There are going to be people who might not be that fond of me and that’s okay,” I thought. I was sure of myself and knew that if I chose to believe in myself, getting adjusted would be a piece of cake.

I opened my journal and began writing my thoughts, dreams and wonder so that I could calm my mind. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up, there was only half an hour left for the plane to land. My father looked at me. He began speaking in a gentle voice, “I’m not saying that this will be easy. I know that we are going to tackle some challenges. But I want you to know that your family is here for you. Don’t fret. Often we realise later that our worries were of no importance.”

Somehow, all of a sudden, I knew that everything was going to be all right. (It did turn out all right! The challenge was tackled!)

Remember always that belief is everything. Believe in miracles and they will come to your aid.