Students urge Minister not to close govt schools

Students urge Minister not to close govt schools

Do not close government schools and withdraw the decision of merging government schools with nearby schools, students and activists of Samajika Parivarthana Andolana urged the District In-charge Minister Varthur Prakash.

Students met the minister and submitted a memorandum in this regard, when the he had reached the district stadium to participate in the Republic Day programme.

Students expressed concern that, “615 schools in the State have been closed as there are less than five students. Moreover it is recommended to merge 12,740 schools acrosss the State, which have 10 students enrolled. The government, than trying to increase the number of students in the government school with benefits and improving the standard, is trying to close down these schools. This is in a way trying to give licence to privatisation of education in the State.”

They questioned the implementation of schemes like compulsory education to students from the age of six to 14. They also raised doubts about the motive of the government towards education. “Students till the age of six years and from 15 to 18 years do not come under compulsory education act. It is a clear violation of International Agreement on Child Education. The government is being partial in terms of implementing education related schemes. This will hit the development of the nation,” they said.

Leaders of the Parivarthana Andolana Ayyapalli Narayanaswamy, Harohalli Ravi, M Saraswathi, V Prabhavathi, M Muniyappa, M Nagaraj, Nalini, Yashodhamma and others were present on the occasion.