Kulraj is thrilled to be in Bollywood

Kulraj is thrilled to be in Bollywood

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Kulraj is thrilled to be in Bollywood

After coming out of college, actress Kulraj, initially had many apprehensions about the treatment that would be meted out to her in the big world of Bollywood, but thankfully she has a happy story to tell.

“It’s certainly a different high having finally made it into Hindi films and becoming a part of the big family of Bollywood,” says Kulraj in a chat with Metrolife. Before she set foot into Chintuji, she was known to the public through the television series, Kareena Kareena (KK).

“Just out of college, I was on a look out for new and interesting projects. That’s when KK happened and it was a really great opportunity and experience. Eventually, the long working hours took its toll on me and I quit,” says Kulraj. The shift did prove helpful for the actress, who couldn’t believe she got to work with the famous chocolate boy from yester years Rishi Kapoor in Chintuji.

If there was just one word for Kulraj to describe her experience of working with Rishi Kapoor then it would be “fabulous”. She adds, “When I learnt that I would be acting with Rishiji people told me stories, that he was a very strict person but after I met him, I found him to be a chilled out, upbeat and techno - savvy person. It totally changed my image about him. He really made me feel comfortable and never once made me feel like a newcomer.”

A launch pad like that certainly opened doors for the young lass. One of her upcoming projects is an out-an-out comedy called Mastang Mama, where Kulraj is all set to play a cop who falls in love with a thief.

So does this mean she will never go back to television? “It’s not about going back or forth. Both lines of work are equally important but it depends on the kind of work and the comfort zone that is offered to me. The television line is far more demanding in terms of time whereas, with cinema one has the option of limiting oneself to one movie a year,” she explains. 

Setting big dreams and goals for herself as an actor, Kulraj hopes to do a good blend of performance-oriented and commercial movies which are on a par with Western cinema.
Here’s wishing her all the best!