Colourful display on the ramp

Colourful display on the ramp

As part of the Pinky Diva Nights, a fashion show was held in the City last week which had a huge Japanese influence

Choreographed by Prasad Bidapa, the show had a huge Japanese influence. The hairstyle, the make-up, the way the models walked, all had a Japanese touch to it. The little butterfly and the rose pinned to the models’ hair and minimal jewellery provided a unique touch to the collection.

Best known for her traditional saree designs, Michelle settled the audience with a promo of a vodka drink and making the models walk with the bottle and distributing strawberries. She then kick-started the show with the festive collection.

Beautiful sarees in bright colours of blue, purple, orange, yellow and red made their way down the ramp. Heavy work and bold prints on the border of the sarees brought out the simplicity of the fabric in the night light.

This was then followed by the evening wear which comprised long gowns, dresses, and even corsets. The collection had a blend of both subtle colours like beige, browns and creams and bright colours like greens, maroons, bronze and purples, without missing out on the classic black dress.

 What highlighted the collection the most was the contrasting belts which was teamed up with the dresses.

The show then concluded with the wedding collection, which showcased exotic and heavy embroidery work on the lehangas.
Though the men’s collection was very limited,they complimented the women’s wear very well.

On the whole, the blend of mermaid-fit lehangas, teamed with embroidered corsets, the layers of fabric and the dupattas draped innovatively, provided a perfect end to the show.