MLAs oppose hefty food charges at multiplexes

MLAs oppose hefty food charges at multiplexes

Some of the BJP legislators have urged Food and Civil Supplies Minister D N Jeevaraj to initiate action against multiplex cinema halls in the City for charging heftily for food and beverages sold there.

Food items or beverages from outside are not allowed inside the establishments including drinking water. A water bottle priced at Rs 12 outside is being sold at Rs 30 at the multiplex.

Food items are sold 500 per cent higher than the actual prices. Public are fleeced here and the State government too has not levied much tax on the food items sold, said a party press release.
Hefty fares fixed for some of the food items include: 200 gm popcorn along with a soft drink (Rs 175), churumuri chat (Rs 65), one litre drinking water (Rs 30), 50 gm fingerchips (Rs 60), popcorn (Rs 120) and Nachos (Rs 90). As many as 14 multiplexes have come up in the City and they do business more or less on the above rates mentioned, the release said.

The MLAs have also urged that the cinema hall owners and companies selling food at these centres should be made answerable.

The complaint to the minister has been addressed by B N Vijayakumar, Dr C N Ashwathnarayan, Ravi Subramanya, MLC Ashwath Narayan and State BJP media convener S Prakash.