Teacher, teacher, what type are you ?

RUNS IN VEINS Blood types can play a vital role in making ones teaching styles, finds out Prof DG Kulkarni
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Different blood groups were first identified by Karl Landsteiner in 1900. Professor Takeji Furukawa of Japan in 1927 related temperament of a person to his/her blood group.

Later, in 1970, Masahikao Nomi of Japan revived this pseudoscience. In an experimental research work with college graduates and teachers of professional colleges, it was very interesting to note that the teaching and  learning styles can be related to the type of blood group. The following characteristics were noted which was mapped to the blood groups.

The ‘A’ Type

The blood group ‘A’ type teachers evaluate the assignments and homework very critically. They expect perfection from students. They look anxious and not very receptive to greetings and wishes. They prepare for the class very well. They carry themselves to the class cheerfully. If they are disturbed in the class, one can have a demonstration of their short temper. Disturbance interrupts their flow of thoughts and they find it difficult to resume immediately. They quite often stick to their own point of view and wouldn’t listen to anybody. They are very often self conscious about how they speak, dress or present themselves. They can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. They are good at research. They will explore any topic of interest in depth.

The ‘B’ Type

Teachers of type ‘B’ blood group adhere to university deadlines. These types are willing to help colleagues and hence make friends very easily. They give a homework or assignment and forget about it. They like what they do and do it with full zeal and passion. They are quite humorous in the classroom and like to tell funny incidents and jokes. They have good memory. They however are quite short tempered and will not listen to anybody till the temper cools off. They are concerned about people and love to advice - whether you want it or not! They are not risk takers and prefer to be in friend’s company. They cannot adjust easily with new people and situations.

The ‘AB’ Type

An ‘AB’ type teacher is a little lenient in giving marks. They like to crack jokes in the class and keep the class buzzing with noise. They are not too disciplined and allow students to enter the class even if they are late. They can talk in a light tone and a serious tone as well. They are good orators and can keep the students engaged only by talks. They often wear a ‘smile’ and are receptive to greetings of the students. These teachers are quite popular in the institution, many times considerate and logical. They are the non-perfectionist type but have enough knowledge about many non-academic subjects. They tend to flare up suddenly and can get violent. They are not good listeners. They are concerned about downtrodden people. They will advice only when asked. They are very good counselors. They are high risk takers as they can adjust easily with new people and situations. Beware of them - you displease them very often and you will never be forgiven!

The ‘O’ Type   

The study table of the ‘O’ type teacher will be scattered with books which are unrelated to academics. They like to know a little of everything. Hence they do not like to be a researcher but can be put in the ‘jack of all trades’ category. They do well in whatever they are passionate. These teachers rarely make notes. They highlight in the text books or write footnotes in the book margins. They generally refer only one reference book.

Data mining capacity is low in these teachers. They are good teachers in ‘selective topics’. Generally, you will find these teachers not completing the syllabus, but students will be happy and satisfied in whatever has been taught.

Whether or not this categorization holds good for every instance, it certainly does seem to fit in, in a broad sense. So what’s your blood type?

(The writer is the author of the book ‘Hunger for Teaching and Learning’)

(Published 13 March 2013, 11:22 IST)

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