Proposed SSLC prep exams called off

Proposed SSLC prep exams called off

Following strong opposition from teachers and students, the proposed preparatory examination for SSLC students scheduled to be held from March 18 to March 25 has been called off.

SSLC students studying the State syllabus have faced a minimum of four preparatory examinations in the form of school level preparatory exam,  taluk level preparatory exams, district level preparatory exam and state level preparatory exam.

In some schools in the district, three taluk level preparatory exams have been held. The State level preparatory exams were held from March 3 to 14.

Vice president of the Karnataka State Teachers Association, Basha Tahasildar said that though conducting additional preparatory exams improved the results, conducting one more in the last week of March was not possible due to paucity of time.

“Continuous preparatory examinations coupled with the ULB polls has robbed the teachers of the time to evaluate papers and provide feedback to the students,” he said.
He said that the extra preparatory examination was beneficial, as results of the students had improved with the increase in the number of preparatory exams.

ZP CEO Ajay Nagabushan said that a delegation of teachers had approached him and had expressed concerns over conducting yet another preparatory examination. “Due to the recently held ULB polls, teachers have been unable to evaluate the answer papers of two preparatory examinations. A lot of time is required to evaluate the papers and correct the errors made by students. Hence, the preparatory exam has been called off.” he said.

Feedback for the two preparatory exams conducted in the last week of February and the first week of March has not yet been given. Conducting a preparatory examination a week before the SSLC examination by the state board, would be a burden on the students. So cancelling the examination would give them two weeks to study for the examination, he said.

Neetha S, a student studying in a convent in the city said that with the examinations called off, they would get more time to study the subjects which they feel are difficult for them.

She added that schools have been regularly conducting special classes for SSLC students with an aim of achieving 100 per cent results in the board examinations.

BEO, Karigowda said that the question papers of the cancelled examinations will be given to schools so that they can discuss the answers to the question paper.