What type of student are you?

Last Updated 20 March 2013, 12:25 IST

In an experimental research conducted in Japan, blood types were found to be a major factor in learning styles, finds out Professor DG Kulkarni.

Different blood groups were first identified by Karl Landsteiner in 1900. Professor Takeji Furukawa of Japan in 1927 related temperament of a person to his/her blood group. Later, in 1970, Masahikao Nomi of Japan revived this pseudoscience. In an experimental research work with college graduates and teachers of professional colleges, it was very interesting to note that the teaching and  learning styles can be related to the type of blood group. The following characteristics were noted which was mapped to the blood groups.
The ‘A’ Type

These students and teachers look calm and quiet but get tensed and worried very quickly. They prefer to study or read alone. They have a very high affinity towards individual reading and learning and have great patience. They like to listen to lectures. Their notes or books may not be too colorful. They prefer neutral colors or light colors.
They may learn without the instructions of a teacher. They are confident and would not rest till the notes and project is perfect. They will not share much of the information or tell a friend about what they are studying or how he is progressing or maybe which book he is referring. They are secretive. They may have a slanting handwriting and very compact. They get tensed when they encounter examination though they are confident which also interferes with their sleep. They avoid taking up any responsibility as they are not the ‘Teamwork’ type, but will be loyal to the team and work.
The ‘B’ Type

These students and teachers cannot be stopped from getting crazy and weird ideas. They can create ‘something’ from ‘nothing’. They do not prefer a monotonous style of studying. They are creative in their notes writings and very ambitious in excelling at exams and assignments. They finish the assignments in time. They tend to get angry when they do not understand some concept or subject. They are very impulsive in the classroom discussions or debates. They also show a lot of mood swings. They will simply not study because they are in no mood to do it and get very impatient if they are unable to solve a mathematical problem quickly. They go well with group study as they like to be with people. As they can understand people, they learn better when somebody explains.
The ‘AB’ Type

These students are charming, the cool types and friendly to the whole class and department. They possess qualities of ‘A’ as well as of ‘B’ blood group. They are easy going and may take up to studying for the exams at the last hour. They have good concentration and grasp very quickly. They are intelligent and hence they work smart – not hard. They are good at explaining to others and can be good teachers. They love to give presentations, lectures, and speeches. These students are sometimes introverts. They are more comfortable reading on a bed or sofa and not sitting on a chair with a table. They tend to fall asleep when reading. They have a very rational thought process but can be critical sometimes. They like to do things on their own and not like to be driven or told. They are good counselors and speak in a serious tone. An ‘AB’ student or teacher will never have a dull moment in his life. However, they react to exam stress but are quite strong. They will have a hand at everything. They are spiritually inclined and likely to visit a temple or church before an exam. ‘AB’ types have many friends and are able to multi-task effectively.
The ‘O’ Type

Students who are very social and center of attraction may be mostly the ‘O’ types. They have a very confident personality, athletic body structure, dress well, are restless, and like to lead class activities, programs, or picnics. They love to do new things and read new books other than academic books. 

They do not like to be a researcher. They depend on ‘Luck’. They like power. They prefer to go to the gym or the playground instead of sitting in the class for long hours. They read somebody else’s notes or read from a text book when preparing for exams. Making notes is not their way of student life. It is difficult for ‘O’ type students to make exhaustive notes. They would prefer making bullet points and explain in the class. They can get angry very soon. They have difficulty in concentrating on studies. They cannot read for long hours but may sit and think for hours. They get easily stressed when they are multi tasking. Lengthy class assignments make these students lose interest in completing it. They like to read alone and be alone. They study by intuition and are risk takers which usually pays off. These students are selective in choosing the chapters they have to read for the examination. Whether or not this categorization holds good for every instance, it certainly does seem to fit in, in a broad sense. So what’s your blood type?

(Published 20 March 2013, 12:25 IST)

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