Daughter's death shatters parents' hopes

Daughter's death shatters parents' hopes

Serial killers victims family speak their mind

Pijina, father of Vinutha, one of the victims of serial killer Mohan spoke his mind out in this way.

The small house at Pattemajal in Puttur, where a happy family once lived has lost its charm with the death of Vinutha and her mother is suffering mentally after the news of Vinutha’s death was revealed. Later, she has been sent to he brother’s house in Vittal for a change.
Pijina, a collie worker has three daughters and two sons and the family has always been in poverty.

Vinutha, the eldest among the siblings used to supplement the income of the family by rolling beedies.

Now with her death, the burden of running the family is back on the aging shoulders of Pijina.


On September 18, 2008, Vinutha left the house wearing her gold chain, finger rings and took away Rs 5,000 cash which was in the house. She never returned after that and the family did not even get to see her for the very last time alive and death.

One of the sisters of Vinutha was pursuing her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) course in Vittal and hence she was staying in one of her relative’s place. Vinutha used to regularly go to Vittal to meet her sister and during these visits Vinutha must have met Mohan Kumar, suspect the family members. She had purchased a mobile phone a month before she went missing.

The family believes that what is gone will never come back but this should not happen to any other girl in future.