Quaint items with a rustic feel

Quaint items with a rustic feel

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Quaint items with a rustic feel

The exhibition of ‘Earth Sensitive Art’ at the Bimba Art Ashram, located in Basavanagudi, has something for everyone. The entire collection has been designed and conceptualised by Deepika Dorai, who creates beautiful products keeping the environment in mind. he gallery is packed with miniature as well as life-size exhibits, jute chappals, small stools which have been hand-painted, mirrors which have been cast in wrought iron and the like.

The artist has taken a demolished door and transformed it into a beautifully-crafted cupboard. An old printing press has been converted into a unique centre table and a chest. “She has exhibited the works of many early artists by restoring and reprinting them — these are mainly devotional in nature. Some of the furniture has been made with old pieces given to her by others — for instance, a grandmother’s bedpost has been converted into a low chair,” says Deepak, the husband of the artist.

“Most of the furniture is made with the wood that people don’t want in their homes. For instance, once when I was sitting in the balcony, I saw a cart loaded with trunks of a coconut tree. I stopped them and asked them to give it to me. I have used them to make pillars and embellish windows and small stools,” says Deepika.

The artist has also tried to popularise indigenous art forms which are slowly dying out. Kurtas and dupattas made by artisans practising the Oruna tradition, one such indigenous art form, have been displayed. The kurtas, which come in materials like
cotton and khadi and are available for both genders, have been coloured with vegetable dye and woven by hand. There are pavada sets for children, skirts and stoles for women along with tops and short kurtis.

   The exhibition also has a host of other things like door handles made with colourful tiles fitted in iron casts, miniature gopurams, swings and small bags that have been made with hand-spun fabric. There are also some paintings by Deepika. A haven for those who love to decorate their homes, the exhibition offers a wide variety. It will
be on till April 20.

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