'Killing became a habit for me'

'Killing became a habit for me'

Mohan Kumar is now horrified at the magnitude of his crime

When Deccan Herald managed to speak to the serial killer at the government guest house in Hassan, Mohan Kumar, who is accused of killing 19 women, seemed like he had resigned to his fate.

“Everything is over. I do feel guilty about it. But what can be done, sir? I can only listen to what is being said and wait for what lies ahead. Repenting now is not going to cleanse me of the crimes committed in the past four to six years. I know that I have no other option but to face the punishment,” he said. When asked if he did not feel sorry for the women who he killed, Mohan said: “The first two times I did feel sorry, but then it became common. All these days, I did not feel guilty. But now when I look back, I’m horrified by the magnitude of my offences.”

Mohan Kumar looked tired after having spent the day travelling around the city and providing clues to the police about two other victims.

Interestingly, when asked if he would resort to his old ways if he was released, he said: “No, no. There is no chance to change my ways...” However, a police sitting next to him retorted: “There is no question of release.” In reply to a question asking him if there were more victims, he refused to answer saying: “Do not ask me more questions. I am not in the state to say anything.”

Later, when the police brought him before the media, he refused to answer any of their questions maintaining that he was guilty of his deeds.

Investigations intensified

The special investigation team of the police took Mohan Kumar to Hassan on Sunday.
The bodies of two women from Dakshina Kannada, who were reported missing, were found inside a restroom at the Hassan bus terminal recently. The body of Anitha (22), from Barimaru Kodimane village in Bantwal taluk, was found on June 18, while the body of Yashoda (28), from Meginamalady village in Belthangdy taluk, was found on September 25. Police suspect that Yashoda was Mohan’s last victim.

A police team headed by ASP Chandra Gupta are presently in Hassan collecting more details. Based on Mohan’s confession, police have recovered money and jewellery stacked away by him in various banks and private financial institutions.

Mohan Kumar was remanded to police custody till October 27. However, the police are planning to seek an extension of the custody for further questioning and investigation.