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Last Updated : 12 April 2013, 21:34 IST

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Bachchan ¬¬¬¬
Kannada (U/A)
Director: Shashank
Cast: Sudeep, Parul Yadav, Jagapathi Babu and others

It’s a police station and it’s a normal day... till mayhem ensues. Ten minutes later, a sub-inspector lies slaughtered, several constables and furniture found mangled and a long and superb chase is on, setting the adrenaline pumping...

Right from scene 1 Bachchan presents high-voltage action, with brief respites for the plot to progress. Undeterred by the debacle of his previous Jarasandha, director Shashank builds on Kichcha Sudeep’s image and physique to present a mostly-action flick, as promised.

He has also not forgotten to add the necessary emotional trigger for Sudeep to roar and explode.

Bachchan nee Bharat, an upright property dealer, is nabbed after that superb chase, and another murder, and crime branch officer Vijaykumar (Jagapathi Babu, still managing to look handsome) is assigned to crack this nut, for he indeed turns out to be one, labelled by the psychiatrist as a paranoid schizophrenic. But is he?

Long on duration, Bachchan impresses mainly with the well thought-out and long-drawn action set pieces.

Shekhar Chandra’s camera team scores along with the SFX people. Crazy Mindz’s scissors too are sharp, maintaining the tempo.

Backing Shashank’s sometimes sluggish screenplay are Prasanna’s dialogues which remain as close to reality as possible while also straying enough for the censors to come into play.

The major drawback here are the songs. The director should have desisted from having them in a film where action and drama were sufficient...

Daisy Shaw’s number stands out only because she seems to be better covered than the other such performers! Harikrishna’s songs seem very out of place.

Each of the three young women in the film gets a song and Parul gets more scenes
than the other two but the songs can be remembered only for their concepts and picturisation and nothing more!

In Bachchan, it is Sarvam Sudeepamayam and his fans won’t be disappointed.

Published 12 April 2013, 19:55 IST

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