Today's letters

Today's letters

Sino Indian relations


This has reference to the news item that leaders of
India and China  have decided on 'functional co-operation".

It is quite welcome for both the countries. There is at present no cordial relationship between India and China on border issue or on the visit of Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh. China has made claims on Arunachal Pradesh.

has been issuing paper visas to the students of J & K. So a war at this stage between both the countries would hamper developmental activities for both are developing countries. So the meeting between the two heads of nations gained prominance. Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and the Chinese Primier Mr. Wen Jiabao have reported to have stressed the need for friendship and prosperity. Both the countries must take this opportunity and initiate high level talks. The Arunachal issue is sorted out  with due respect to the Mac Mohan Line. Maintaining cordial relationship with the neighbours is paramount at this juncture.

Sravana Ramachandran,

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai

Dr Singh and Chinese head have shaken hands and are telling the world that they are now busy building up better ties of mutual love and affection!

China on the other hand is busy creating problems on the border. History has proved that late Pandit Nehru was misled by China which resulted in a war and eventually the worst ever set back to our economy and security.

It is very puzzling on the part of the Indian govt which should have first asked
China to stop troubling us on the borders. Pak has also taken advantage of our weakness and are already taking us for a ride in the affairs related to foreign issues.


Victory of secular forces

The unexpected victory of Congress in the three states is the result of its belief in secular norms. It indicates that majority of Hindus too; do not have follow the  hate politics of Hindu radical organizations like BJP and Shiv Sena.

However, Muslims also always play a crucial role in triumph of Congress. The efforts of many Muslim organisations to alienate the community votes from Congress, as they claim that the party believes merely in lip services The party bore a habit of ignoring Muslims after elections are over. The community leaders should come up with a policy enabling them to take something for their votes.

A Hameed Yousuf

Gulbarga One When?

It is praiseworthy for the government to open Bangalore One centres at many places in Bangalore.  These centres are user friendly and  offer hassle free service to the public. The centres provide integrated services to the citizens deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) so as to enhance speed, convenience, certainty and accountability in providing such services through the concept of a 'One-Stop-Shop' facility.

The service also include One-Stop services and information of departments and agencies of Central, State and Local Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis, with certainty, through easy access to a chain of computerized Integrated Citizen Service Centers (ICSC's) and through multiple delivery channels like electronic kiosks, mobile phones and the Internet.

Such centres are necessary for the fast developing cities like


 Spectrum scam 

This refers to the news report on the CBI raids on the Spectrum licensees and DoT . The impropriety involved in the Spectrum allocation, over the protests of TRAI, suggesting a massive kick back in the transaction had been raised by the opposition parties several times in the last one year.

 The concerned minister Raja of DMK is on parliamentary records that the allocation was done with the full knowledge and consent of the Prime Minister. This was not contradicted by the PM. Besides, Dr. Man Mohan Singh acquiesced to the reappointment of Raja in the same ministry in the new UPA government. Hence, the sudden CBI interest to unravel the telecom scandal could not have been inspired by the PM’s ‘concern’ to maintain the clean image of his government. It merely depicts that the Congress party is getting ready to cut its allies to size, with its new found confidence arising from its electoral successes.

Bengaluru 560 095


BJP's debacle 

It is sad to find a party that was once ruled India was considered as the only opposition to the Congress party in shambles today.

In almost every election, the message to the BJP leadership is very clear: 'Mend your ways’! Unfortunately, this message has not reached the Party's 'alma mater' yet. In order to resurrect  it's old glory and status, the party needs young and dynamic leaders. Unfortunately, such ones are being 'eased out' by the present leadership Highly respected leaders like Arun Shourie,Jaswant Singh,Vasundhra Raje etc. .all stand alienated from the party. Today and for some years now, Venkaiah Naidu,Jaitely, Jethmalani, Advani and Sushma Swaraj are enjoying the lime light.. Unless, BJP has serious plans of reviving itself in the next four or five years it  might become history.

Veteran leaders like Advani, Rajanath Singh,Venkaiah Naidu,Jaitely, etc.should form a group of 'mentors' and merely provide 'intellectual inputs' and let the younger leaders  run the party. BJP should work closer to people and take up their issues of  relief work, drought relief, and provide succour to people affected by natural calamities, etc

The electorate of Maharashtra,Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh have sent a clear signal: 'Mend your ways and we will accept you' ! The Lok Sabha electrorate too had given a similar message to BJP.


Extend trains services

I hae recently learnt that the train number 6535A – Bijapur Express (Yeshwantpura to Bijapur) would be cancelled from October end. Since this is the only train  which connects Bangalore to north west  Karnataka, its removal would affect  people of  that region. This train is always packed and passengers often have to  cancel their tickets as they are wait listed.

It is hence unfair to curtail this profitable train service. Instead of canceling this train, few more train services should connect Bangalore to Bijapur via Gadag. 

Could the biweekly Sampark Kranti Express from Bangalore to Nizamuddin be diverted once a week via Gadag, Bijapur, Solapur The train plies via  Hubli twice a week.

Balakrishna Gudi