Wish of the Genius

Wish of the Genius

 The stars of the film are leaving no stone unturned to promote the movie. But interestingly, the genie that is Amitabh Bachchan, is using all in his power to promote the movie which is a little rare.

One also got to see his excitement double fold through his blog dated October 25,
after he saw the movie recently. He even goes out to describe it as a kind of movie that has all the right ingredients to become a success in an unpredictable industry.
Says the genie in his blog, “I live with the images that last night’s trials of Aladin have impressed upon me. I am proud to have been a part of this venture, that has certainly created a finesse and grandeur in fantasy film-making much more than what I had expected from it. It is smooth and vibrant and not in-your-face, yet effective enough to know that it is.”

“The characters, the settings, the music and the situations all have been blended in a most ingenious manner. For the first time in my entire career of film trial history, the audience that habitually consists of trade people, applauded after a song sequence came to an end. We, in the business, have become accustomed to watching films with the patent ingredients that help us assess the potential of a film. It was and is difficult for me to state whether I found those ingredients last night in Aladin and therefore, a prediction is difficult to come by.”

“But then some of the last few releases had drummed up sufficient passion in their patent ingredients, but did not come up winners. The unpredictability of this business is the only predictability.
     May all that shall venture out from October 30 to see Aladin come back with similar thought.

     May you notice and appreciate the subtle grandeur of this effort and ‘may all the wishes that you go in with all come true’… so sayeth Genius the
Genie.” Well in that case we hope the Genius’ wish is the box office’s command.