Entering a new phase

Entering a new phase

* First and foremost, it is important for one to communicate properly. Put your thoughts across when you meet the person. By communicating well, one can find out the similarities and dissimilarities. This is the time when the first impression is made.

* Learn to explore yourself, pull out all your positive aspects and make use of them at the right time. Notice your negative aspects and try to get rid of them. Learn to be positive and confident about yourself.

* Never lie about anything. Even if you lie just once,  you might land in deep trouble, and end up losing all the trust you would have gained.
* Never hide anything and don’t brood too much about your past. If there is something which might become a barrier in your relationship later on, it is very important for you to open up in the beginning itself and speak about it.

* Try to be what you are, there is no point in trying to be somebody else because one day or the other, your fake behaviour will come to light.
* Don’t try to beat around the bush, make it clear to that you have a soft corner for the concerned person and make sure that you convey it yourself.
    Don’t allow somebody else to say it for you. Also, make them realise that you love that person.

* Take it slow, you don’t have to rush into anything. If you hurry up things, it might give an impression that you are desperate.
* Once you develop a good comfort level, speak about how serious you are about the relationship as it helps both in thinking about the fate of your relationship.
* Show a lot of affection to your partner, gain their trust, make your bond stronger each day.

* Do not flirt at any cost as it can build a wrong image about you and can hamper your relationship.