Ready to face the world

Ready to face the world

Good exposure

Ready to face the world

The department of mechanical engineering at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology recently organised Yantrotsav 2013, an exhibition displaying over 50 projects executed by the students. 

Unlike other project exhibitions, the theme for this one was usefulness to society and all the projects had to be aimed at reaching the common man. Out of the 50, the 12 best ones among them were even selected from different streams like production, thermal and design and awarded for their innovation and excellence.

“The exhibition was a great platform for students to showcase what they have been working on. We got feedback from people from our college, other colleges and more importantly, from the industry who visited. It was great exposure for us and some projects are even being picked up by those in the field,” informs Srikkanth Varadharajan, a student.

Coinciding with the exhibition was the farewell and valedictory function for the graduating students of the department, which was inaugurated by Dr Rathindranath Das of BHEL. There were a lot of activities on the cards — an award ceremony for students who excelled from the batch, cultural programmes and even an informal session where students could go up and share their experiences with others.

“It was an emotional but fun day. After four years of being in a college, it’s strange to finally reach the day of the farewell,” shares Srikkanth. 

Some students shed tears of joy while others sobbed thinking of all that they will miss about college life — from the faculty who showed them the way to new friends they made to the lectures that were sometimes bunked. Despite the emotions, though, each of the students seem more ready than ever to face the future.

“College has played the most significant role in making me into the man I am today. There is nostalgia but questions I’ve had on my mind are finally answered. All the work I’ve done here has made me an independent individual and the responsibilities gives by my professors have helped in preparing me for the industry. I now know how to take risks, be diplomatic and act in different situations,” notes Pratik Rai of the outgoing batch.