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Several Loopholes
Last Updated 28 May 2013, 13:32 IST

The procedure dictated by the RTO as per the Transport Department states that the application for renewal of driving licence (DL) can be made within 30 days from the date of expiry of the validity of thedriving license.

The applicant needs to fill form CMV 9, which is available both online and at the enquiry counter at the RTO, the declaration of physical fitness with form CMV 1 and a medical certificate with form CMV 1A if
the applicant is older than 40.

While this seems and often is simple enough in most cases, bureaucracy and red tapism does creep in occasionally.

Metrolife speaks to people in the City who recently got their DL renewed to find out about their experiences.

“We had to visit the local RTO in Jayanagar for the renewal. The entire process took half-a-day since there were a lot of forms to fill as well as a mandatory medical test. The entire process was pretty clean and there was no real requirement for a middle man,” says Sridhar, a resident of the area.

But he does admit that the authorities didn’t really bother about the health check-up.

“For the medical test, one is expected to travel a distance to the nearest government facility for a check up. As we walked down the RTO clutching the forms, a guy in the lobby offered to stamp it for us for Rs 100. He justified this act saying that it would offset the travel cost to the government hospital and back and save time. In five minutes, the stamping was done,” he confesses, adding that the danger of real health issues is overlooked during the renewal.

Even for those who take the medical test, it isn’t really a ‘test’.

“The doctor asks a few questions and puts the signature for a nominal fee. Then you return to the RTO, provide address proof, give the envelope for the renewed DL to be mailed and get the papers stamped and sealed. A photograph is also clicked and the fingerprint taken,” recalls Sudhir, who underwent the process earlier this year. Though people don’t openly discuss it, bribery is not an uncommon incidence during the process either.

People either avoid or seek out the agents doing the rounds of the long queues, “helping the applicants” get their papers signed quickly in exchange for small amounts of money.

Some also go via driving schools to avoid running from one counter to the other at the RTO.

“I paid a processing fee of Rs 500 to my driving school. They duly filled in the
required forms and I only had to go to the RTO to get my photo taken and give my
finger print,” notes Anand, adding that though there are delays in this method, the work ultimately gets done.

(Published 28 May 2013, 13:32 IST)

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