Tenka GP chief shows the way

Women who have crossed the threshold of almost all male bastions have many a times proved to be immensely better in the positions they adorn.

These days women entering the three tier system of local governance and acting as the administrators is nothing novel as usual, however only handful of them have been successful in being effective catalysts between the public and administrative decentralisation process.

Tenka Gram Panchayath stands as the testimony with changing facets as it paved way for the woman president. Jayashree S K Poojary, the president is part of the success story of Tenka Gram Panchayath in Padubidri in Udupi.

The development process that is taking place in the region has left her with applauds from the public in Tenka. “Sheer dedication and hardworking with the aim to be honest is enough to attend to the grievances of people. We respond more quickly than men to the problems of the people. We associate ourself with the problems, she says sharing her views with Deccan Herald.

Popularly called as “Tenka Yermal,” Tenka GP comprises of 1,471.40 acres of total area land. Jayashree said the changes are profound and she has been keenly involved to change the features of Tenka. “Priority is given to judiciously utilise the funds released under various development programmes. It is indeed necessary to deliver the benefits to the needy. People vote us expecting the betterment and it is our foremost duty to fulfill their aspirations,” she said.

Tenka earlier was an overlooked area lacking better civic infrastructures. The resource mobilisation is very pathetic and hence Tenka GP should be dependent on the funds released by the government. She said it is too difficult to mobilise funds even to small projects. The only way is to expect government to release funds.

Tenka Gram Panchayath has the acclaim of furnishing the programme to distribute houses to the homeless needy in the district in the first phase. Around 36 houses were distributed to the needy in the first phase.

The second phase work is in progress. The local administration has provided power connections to a SC/ST colony situated in the remote area of Poondad in Tenka, which was in dark since many years.

The other core areas of problems are drinking water problems and bad condition of roads. The team led by Jayashree is striving hard to meet both ends with available funds.

However, the early showers have erased the problem of drinking water shortage at present. Jayashree said tanker water was supplied to the houses facing water problem.
She added that the government had released a fund of Rs 1.0043 crores under Suvarna Grama Yojane, which is used to set right the potholes of the roads and also to build connective stretches and bridges.

Major initiatives

The major initiative taken up by the Gram Panchayath is to ban plastic totally and it was a successful attempt. Currently, Tenka Gram Panchayath is devoid of plastics. Under Grama Swachatha Andolan, awareness was created among people over sanitation and hygiene. Adolescent girls are trained to maintain hygiene, especially during the menstrual periods, she said.

The government programme Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is effectively introduced. A team from Delhi to inspect the progress of the programme has visited Tenka recently.

The fund released under the program is utilised to construct toilets and build percolation ponds. Besides, the only crematorium in GP was also renovated under the scheme. Under Basava Vasati Yojana, around 84 houses are being constructed.

Localite Gunapal Anchan said that Tenka is improving a lot and the people over here are living their life with ease when compared to earlier days.

“The president who works all through the day strives hard to help solve problems. Tenka GP is indeed blessed to get her as president. Roads are repaired and problems like water are sorted out to maximum extent. We have toilets in almost all houses. The problems of the people are addressed immediately by the people’s representatives in Gram Panchayath,” he added.

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