Today's letters

Today's letters

Don't weaken the arm of Judiciary

MF Hussain's reactions to the ministry's initiatives to clear cases against him were expected. It shows his scant respect to the country's administration and its ability. It is not correct though to interfere with the judicial process with an intention to help an accused. Let the courts decide this on merits. Attempting to appease a person and a community thereof by the method that the government has initiated sends a wrong signal. It also weakens the arm of judiciary.

Actually, the administration must help the judiciary to complete its process and if required get the accused to appear and defend. The administrations actions appear that the accused in this situation is already innocent and its actions to expedite the legal process will exonerate him from law soon. What if the law convicts him? Does it mean that that the administration actually will help MF Hussain to be acquitted and if so why? It is useful to remain away from sensitive issues that too when the majority's emotions are hurt.   

B N Gangadhar
Professor of Psychiatry
Bangalore, 560029, India

Chess board for politicians

It seems that of late, India as a whole has become the chess board for the political cum business players. These people dominate the nation in deciding its fate with the sole aim of power which gives them enough control over the affairs of the society as a whole. In Karnataka, the BJP government of BJP, seemed to be sailing smooth when it is troubled by the powerful mine owners of Bellary who think that they can own Karnataka with their money power.

Mr Yeddyurappa might have been under obligation for their help in his success but there is no necessity for him to be their servant always since his priority is the people of the state. Hope, Bellary brothers understand this and graciously allow Yeddyurappa to perform and complete his term. By his, they will be doing a great service to the state which is reeling under the natural calamity in North Karnataka      

V SGaneshan

Demand unfortunate

206 deaths, 15 districts affected, crop loss crossing 1.50 lakh hectares and estimated damage is  Rs 20,000-00 crore , this the result of recent heavy rain in north Karnataka. People are striving hard for their survival. At this crucial juncture, it is most unfortunate demanding change in leadership. This  will mar the image of BJP & the  first state in south India will slip from their hands if election is declared.  Our Hon'ble elected representatives should sense their accountability & raise to the occasion.

Mudgal Venkatesh
GDA Colony
Gulbarga 585 105

Delayed despatch

According to, the web site of the United States Postal Service, postal item CP339223007US was posted in Michigan on 26 September 2009 and reached India on 6 October. On 29 October the postmaster of the Patparganj post office sent word through the postman -- in place of a written reply to my letter of enquiry -- that the item  was still with Customs. Why should Customs sit on a used film camera for
over three weeks? In the interest of self-portraits, perhaps?

Mukul Dube
Anand Lok Apts.
Mayur Vihar 1
Delhi 110091

All we do is talk

We are an emotional lot. We do not contemplate; we do not pause to reflect. ACT and  TALK is all what we do. The fire that was ignited was doused by the one who started it. The turn around by the young and very prosperous mining lords shows them as immature.

Emotional they are to very high degree. Their large-hearted involvement in bringing succour to those affected by the floods is ample proof of their very noble thoughts.

But,why did they not take some one saner  into confidence  before launching on the tirade on B S Y?

This is an eye-opener  to all those who plan to pull the rug  from under  him, they are working with. Beware ---it will boomerang.

KNR Sastry
RV Road
Bangalore 560 004.

Courts in India

Looking at the Dinakaran's case and the adjournments given for taking the decision shows the judiciary in similar light as is happening in courts in India. When you want to save somebody, harass the innocent, destroy / damage or weaken the evidence, keep on postponing the case by giving date after date, till the innocent person who has moved the court for justice either gives up or dies cursing the system. The Dinakaran episode is similar. Leave Dinakaran , appoint other judges and be done with it. In India, the high, mighty, VIP and money bags will never be found guilty.

Shakambari Nagar
Bangalore 78

Tight Monetary Policy

Apropos, DH, 29th October, Managing recovery. RBI's new monetary policy comes in the wake of glimmers of recovery. Though on an overall analysis, RBI has made no major changes on the rate front, the flip side of the policy appears to be the reactions of the stock markets. Stock market was glut with happiness and cheered the easing of an otherwise tight monetary policy with the onset of recession. Now, the reaction appears to be negative. However, RBI, being the apex body of monetary regulations, it is of paramount importance that they react sharply to the dangers of an eminent 'inflationary trends'! Inflation has already grappled the country and the ill-effects may happen sooner or later if the 'reigns' of inflation are not tightly held by RBI. Food prices have already gone through the roof in the last eight months and it has worsened in the past 4 weeks consequent to the Act of God-floods ravaging the crop prospects. At this rate there will be several other complexities associated with the woes of the farmers who may want yet another loan waiver. India is already saddled with a fiscal deficit of Rs 4.75 lakh crore! A whopping sum by any stretch of imagination! Time for RBI to garner all excess funds in circulation through its weapon of monetary measures!!

Ashok Jayaram
'Raghav Residency'
Vijaya Bank Colony
Bangalore-560 043

BDA recovers 44 acres

This is with reference to BDA recovers 44 acres appearing in DH dated 29OCT09
It is inspiring to note that BDA and BBMP have recovered properties worth 168cr and 44 acres of land in over three weeks. On the contrary how much tax payer's money is spent in recovering from the unauthorized deals? Unauthorized houses and stalls were constructed on an encroached land with the connivance of the BBMP / BDA officials.

However what amuses me is the level of corruption in the corridors of BBMP for obtaining permission for construction. The ground underneath the illegal house was immaterial be it storm water drain or a nullah - the concerned authorities have turned a blind eye.

Apart from the demolition of the unauthorized dwellings the Govt must probe in the issuance of NOC's by the BBMP / BDA.

Deepak Chikramane

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