Asking the same questions again!

Asking the same questions again!

Irritating Scribes

Asking the same questions again!

One such factor is the publicity for which they have to dedicate hours together to the scribes, answering questions all-day long. Metrolife asked a few actors what has been the most irritating or bizarre question, they have been asked during their stint with publicity.

Yash, actor
One has always known him as a bundle of energy with a great sense of humour. But there are times when he too gets a little upset or irritated when one goes into areas he is not comfortable with. “I generally take every question in a sportive manner but yes, there are times when people take a dig at the kind of remuneration I take or demand for even before finalising the script. Those questions do upset me a bit but I get over them because it is the story that matters the most to me. Apart from this, when one gets personal and asks whether there is any girl in my life,” he explains.

Rakshita, producer

When she was an actress and had just announced her engagement with director Prem, she came across the most bizarre query. “Someone actually asked whether I knew if Prem had been married with two children. I think that was the one of the most bizarre questions, I had come across,” she says.

Yograj Bhat, director

More popularly known as the man behind Mungaru Male (MM), Yograj Bhat, says that he always gets tired when people compare everything he makes to MM. “There can never be another MM but each time I get asked whether it will be or not. It does get a little boring to answer that,” he says.

Priyamani, actress

This National Award-winning actress enjoys every bit of her work but at the same time gets bored when people keep asking her the same old questions like ‘What are you working on?’, ‘How do you handle gossip?’ and the likes. “I know it’s a part of the job and people are interested in what I am doing. But I do get bored and a little bugged when I am asked the same thing everytime,” says Priyamani.

Shahid Kapoor, actor

Of late, Shahid has been in the news for his well-appreciated role in Kaminey but at the same time every other day, there are constant reports on his personal life and the big ‘break up’ with Kareena Kapoor. So there are no guesses here when he says that he gets the most irritated when he is asked about his personal life.

“I think there should be some space when it comes to one’s personal life, that’s when I get very irritated,” says Shahid.
Megha Shenoy