To bunk or not

To bunk or not

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In fact, there are even networking sites suggesting excuses to bunk. Recently, few students were expelled by college authorities  for mass bunking. They went out on the pretext of going to the restroom and never returned to their classes.

Metrolife asked a few youngsters what they felt about bunking and if the step taken by the authorities was justified.

While many felt a strict warning was enough, there were others who felt it was the right decision.

Smriti, Student

“Bunking is a part of college life and many a time kids do it for fun. I think it is better to bunk than sit in class and be unproductive. Bunking at the end of the year when lecturers are just finishing the portions is a bad time. What happened to those college students was not fair because by expelling them you are simply playing with someone's career. After all they are kids and the college authorities should have given them a strict warning and left.”

Prerna, Student

“There should be a fine line as to when one should bunk and when one should not.

Everything in moderation is alright. Every college has its own cut-off percentage of attendance that should be maintained by each student and as long as one can maintain that,  bunking is fine.”

Mathan Venu Gopal, Software Engineer

“Bunking is always associated with college days. As a working professional one rarely gets the joy of bunking because you can’t expect your co-workers to bunk with you. I still remember my college days, when I  used to bunk classes with my friends.”

Dharmendra, Student

“I rarely bunk as I keep my offs for attending competitions. But I don’t feel bunking all the time is healthy because these days attendance is very important for writing exams. If students have taken their future seriously then they would make it a point to limit their bunking. With or without valid reasons there are times when students do get away bunking. One of the main reasons used are medical because one can avail medical leave and get away with it.”

Anuj, Student

“Bunking should be seen as a personal choice. There is nothing right or wrong about it.

As a student we should be allowed to make mistakes as then only do we learn.  When you look at the kids who were expelled for mass bunking, one cannot really comment on that as no one knows what the real situation was and what prompted the authorities to take such a harsh decision.”