Divine Devi krithies

Divine Devi krithies

Music & dance reviews

Every month the Mutt is conducting cultural programmes (music, discourse) in all the branches, throughout India. In this series last week popular artiste Vidyabhushana rendered a vocal concert at the Malleswaram branch Mutt. He was well supported by M S Govindaswamy on violin, Anirudda on mridanga and M R Chandrashekar on ghata.

The highlight of the programme was the presentation of kruthies on goddess (devi) of different composers, with music involvement and serenity invested in the rendering of each song in respect of lyrics and music. For instance the familiar Saraswathi Vidhiyuwathe with the prelude of ragalapana was pleasing. The Uma Kathyayini of VBijayadasaru was another good selection. So the Kamalamukhi of Gopaladasaru is a less known composition. Elaborating with alapana and nerval (Mokshadayaki Lokarakshaki). Especially listening to devaranamas of Haridasas from the melodious voice of Vidyabhushana was a good aesthetic experience.

Chandra Chuda Shiva of Purandaradasaru is a popular pada. Pillangoviya Cheluva Krishnana is always a favourite one and Kaliyugadolu Harinamava nenedare is popularised by stalwarts from decades. The impact was further enchanced by a few ugabhogas (Jagavasuthihudu and Savinudi) renedered with good feeling. Two meaningful padas - Summane Baruvude and Thanu Ninnadu received appealing airing and concluded with the very popular Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma.
Incidentally Vidyabhushana has been awarded D Lit by the Kannada University, Hampi.

Good start
The Suswaralaya College of Music, from the last ten years, is serving the music field successfully, under the direction of H S Sudhindra, senior percussionist. Apart from teaching it is also publishing books and CDs and it “Directory of Karnatak musicians of Karnataka” is not only popular but also very useful. The College has organised a music festival in connection with the decennial celebrations which will conclude next Sunday (November 8). The book “Ugabhoga Darpana” and a telephone directory of musicians and a souvenir were released on the inaugural day and senior vocalist R S Ramakantha was conferred with the title “Swaralaya Shrunga.”
Pattabhirama Pandith T S, who gave the inaugural concert, began his music lessons with his mother and continued with late Vallabha Kalyana Sundaram and Dr S Ramanathan. He has also received higher training from Palghat K V Narayana Swamy. He is a recipient of a scholarship and a BE graduate.

“Viriboni”, the evergreen varna of Aadi Appaiah, gave Pattabhi Ram Pandith a flying start. Though “Vatapi” is a familiar invocatory piece, the yough talented vocalist made it attractive with interesting swara prasthara. The keerthana “Evarani” brought nostalgic memories and “Ninne nere nammi” was briefly elaborated. His intuitive feeling for raga bhava came out in the rendering of “Annapurne Vishalakshi.” His talent and musical accomplishments were vindicated in the delightful airing of “Ninne Nammithinayya” and “Swararaga Sudha.”

The “Sagara shayana Vibho”, “Kandu Dhanyanade” were also rendered sweetly. In total, the concert was proof of Pattabhirama Pandith’s progress and his career is worth watching. The seasoned accompanists - Nalina Mohan (violin), V Krishna (mridanga) and Sukanya Ramgopal (ghata) - gave the vocalist a full measure of sustained effort.