Why God?, Why not?

Why God?, Why not?

I am an atheist, I don’t belive in god , I believe in some higher source of energy and I am not religious!

These are some of the statements that we often hear from rational people living in modern society.

However ,these same very rational people also say Oh My God, My God, For God’s Sake, hundreds of times throughout the day.

This is the stark reality of society we live in, but still majority of us are not ready to accept that we remember ‘Supreme Source’ or ‘Almighty’ on daily basis.
If we dwell deep into human  conscious and ponder, then we might find that in reality all of us are always in search of some kind of protection when we are in a crisis, as natural cycle of life.

It’s obvious to human nature that our defence mechanism starts working fast the moment we are into a problem and under such a situation our eyes automatically move upwards towards sky, our hands automatically get folded involuntarily or
knowingly we start praying for help to that infinite source who is the protector of  all.

Psychologists through their research over the years have found that every human being whether he is an atheist or a religious person, they get solace when they get into a prayer position, because they experience as if they are under the canopy of Almighty’s love and affection.

Then why do we shy away from the  fact that we are very much attached with the infinite source whom we remember every now and then? Is it our lack of realization or is it peer pressure to follow what majority do?

Whatever be the reason, but the fact remains  that ‘Soul’ and ‘Supreme Soul’ are inseparable and hence, it is futile when someone says that I don’t believe in HIM?  If that’s the case, then why Oh My God?’ Think it over!