A culmination of college life

A culmination of college life

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A culmination of college life

The formal send-off function of the MBA department at PESIT South Campus was full of fun and nostalgia.

The outgoing students, aware that their stint in the college was coming to an end, had a great time bonding with their teachers and classmates.

Though formal, the function gave the students enough time to interact with their friends and spend some quality time together.

After the cake-cutting ceremony, the students lined up for a class picture.

All of them — including the teachers — smiled for a memorable photograph. Sulekha, a student, says that they were very excited about the farewell ceremony and had planned the day weeks in advance.

“We were all very happy and were looking forward to the programme. We recollected some memories together and jokes and shared them with our teachers. I will always be grateful to my teachers for moulding me as an individual and making me realise my
potential,” she says.

Many could be seen sharing their future plans with their friends and asking the teachers for suitable advice. Bharath, a student, was sad that his college days were coming to an end, but was also excited about starting a fresh chapter in his life.

“The time spent in college is the best of one’s life. I did not realise how time passed. We worked hard for our projects and tests, but we also had a great time with friends, going for outings together and discussing our projects and exam preparation. We learnt a lot and enjoyed organising different workshops and seminars, in which we could showcase our talents. I am glad that all of us are stepping into a new phase and hope
to take on various roles in the future,” he notes.

Many of the students also shared memories of their time in college during the farewell. While some said that the internships and projects taught them a lot, others
explained that the inter-college quiz competitions gave them an idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

They also talked about the hardships they faced while looking for sponsors for their inter-college competitions and fests.

Chinmoy, a student, says that the farewell brought him closer to his friends
and classmates.

“I have made many friends in college and I will keep in touch with them wherever I am. The send-off function brought us closer as a class and department. We got an opportunity to talk to some classmates with whom we hadn’t interacted much before,” he concludes.