Determined to do well

Determined to do well

Another Batch

Determined to do well

Think of a girls’ college and what comes to mind is fun and banter, pranks, freedom and preparation for life ahead.

The first-year PU students of the SJR PU College for Women were definitely excited about starting off their stint in the institute.

These youngsters talk to Metrolife about their experience. Tejaswini C, a science student, says, “I heard about the college much before I decided to join it. I chose science because I plan to go for pharmacy and this college will train me to reach my goal.” She adds, “There seems to be no communication gap between teachers and students in this college.”

While some students opted for this institute because of its faculty, others chose it because of the facilities available. Sanjana SP, another science student, opted for the college because of the comforts of being in an only-girls atmosphere.

“The great teachers and the fact that I have friends here is another benefit. The security of being in a girls’ college makes me and my family feel better,” she comments. Sanjana, who aims to be a doctor, is excited about college and wants to achieve as much as possible here.

Divya A, a commerce student, feels relaxed that she’s in a women’s college.
 “An only-girls campus is much more secure and my family is also convinced about the same. None of my classmates from school have joined here. That does make me nervous but after meeting the friendly lecturers, I’m feeling much better,” she elaborates. Divya aims to be a chartered accountant and she feels that this institute will be a good training ground for her.

A new beginning is often a mix of unexpected emotions. “I’m nervous about college and about what to expect.

But I’m looking forward to making new friends,” says Kanchana S, a first-year
commerce student.

She adds that the biggest asset this institute can proudly speak of is their strong teaching staff.

Kanchana took up commerce as she’s interested in doing business in the future. A first-year PU arts student, Vinutha HB’s goal is to be an English teacher. “My parents and seniors from this college were encouraging and all praises for the campus.
Although I was nervous when I walked into the campus, I’ve already met like-minded people. I know that this is going to be a turning point in my life,” she says. She adds that college life helps students to look deep into themselves and realise their capacities, and she’s looking forward to this.

Most students at the college are convinced about their choice. Karishma Shridhar says, “Apart from the safety factor, I am convinced that this campus will help in training me to be a great professional and a person. I want to be an air hostess and life at this college will definitely help me in this aim.” Ask her why she chose the arts stream and she says that she loves history and listening to stories of the past.

Talking about the fresh batch that has come in, Kalpana TS, the principal of the college, says, “For us, this is the routine every year. We are looking forward to this new year, which will be full of activities and academics.”