To extend the deadline or not?

To extend the deadline or not?

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To extend the deadline or not?

It’s been close to five years since the 11 pm deadline was implemented in the City.

The recent meeting between the members of the Bars and Restaurant Association and the Home Minister offered party-goers a glimmer of hope in terms of extending the deadline.

But with nothing concrete coming out of the meeting, it looks like the wait will be longer. Metrolife speaks to Bangaloreans to find out what they feel about the issue.
Some question whether partying till the wee hours will bring back the ‘real’ spirit of Bangalore.

And while for most, the thought of an extended deadline is music to the ears, there are others who feel the City is not yet ready for it in terms of security.

Extending the deadline is not just about one getting to party a little longer. It will also mean an increase in night patrolling. The cops will have to keep a constant check on those drinking and driving as well as the safety of women.

Shailaja, a professional, says, “There are so many more important issues to be tackled. It’s thanks to this deadline that there has been some check on crime in the City. I know I may sound like a party-pooper to many, but I feel the existing deadline has worked great so far. So why change it? People have made peace with it and will continue to do so.”

However, Sagar, a professional, states that the extension of the deadline will be a good thing. “It’s about time they extended the deadline. There are people from all over the world visiting this City and they would like to experience the nightlife here as well. With most places shutting down by 11 pm, there’s not much they can experience,” he says.

He goes on to add, “The extended deadline will be a great move, especially for
professionals. It’s unfair to those who visit these places after a hard day of work to be escorted outside within a few hours.”

Pooja, a student, feels that despite the deadline, the party scene in Bangalore is still thriving.“There are so many house parties and farmhouse parties that go on till four in the morning. At that time, there is no check taking place. If the deadline is extended, people will stay within City limits and will be a lot safer,” she adds.

On the other hand, Zohaib, a model, says, “Time and again, the argument whether or not the deadline should be extended has come up. But no action is taken. Honestly, I don’t think it will make a difference. If the deadline for pubs and hotels does get extended, it’s great news as long as the law and order is in place.”

It looks like one will have to wait and watch to see how things turn out for the nightlife in the City.