BSY relents, ready to buy peace with Reddys

BSY relents, ready to buy peace with Reddys

CM may agree to sacrifice Shobha, Baligar in revamp

BSY relents, ready to buy peace with Reddys

For the first time since the Reddy brothers raised a banner of revolt against his leadership ten days ago, the chief minister would be flying to Delhi on Wednesday for discussions with the BJP central leadership, presumably in a mood for compromise. Yeddyurappa was earlier scheduled to leave for the national capital on Thursday.

The central leadership, which has held a series of meetings with a number of leaders, ministers, including rebel minister G Janardhana Reddy, is understood to have set the stage for decisive negotiations ahead of the chief minister’s arrival in New Delhi.

A broad framework for these negotiations is understood to have been worked out by the central leadership over the last few days. It envisages Yeddyurappa continuing as chief minister. To this extent, it has rejected the maximalist demand of the Reddy brothers for a change of leadership.
But the framework would require the chief minister to undertake a revamp of his ministry which, among others, include removing Shobha Karandlaje and offer the home portfolio to the dissidents.

Yeddyurappa would also have to change his style of functioning, share power with his ministerial colleagues and for this purpose effect a reshuffle of the bureaucracy, in particular removing principal secretary V P Baligar.
Interacting with the media in Bangalore during the day, the chief minister said he was willing to hold discussions with the dissidents if they came forward and at the same asserted that he enjoyed certain prerogatives as chief minister like transfer of top officials, and nobody could question his authority. However, he avoided a reply when asked if he would sacrifice Baligar. “I will not discuss it with the media”, he said.

While the chief minister signalled his readiness to climb down on the demand for removing Karandlaje and Baligar, the dissidents appeared to be in no mood as yet to convey their willingness to relent. Party sources, however, claimed the situation would alter once the chief minister formally conveyed to the leadership his compromise offers.

Janardhana Reddy, who has been camping in the national capital for the last three days, maintained a public posture that there was no change in the dissidents’ demand for leadership change.
“There is no change in my stand that the chief minister should go. I will not budge from my position,” Reddy said after his second meeting of the day with party leader Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday.

He claimed that none in the party high command had told him that there was no leadership change in the state.
But in a conciliatory tone he maintained: “Sushmaji is like my matrushri (mother). My stand is always in the interest of the State and the BJP. Good leadership is the need of the hour. I am very clear in this regard. We have explained my position in detail. Many senior leaders, who will be coming here, such as MPs and MLAs, are of the same opinion (as mine). I am 100 per cent hopeful”.
Sources close to party chief Rajnath Singh said the demands which the chief minister is ready to concede include dropping/shifting of his close confidante Shobha Karandlaje.

Besides, he may agree to replace the home minister, drop three Lingayat ministers such as Basavaraj Bommai, C M Udasi and Murugesh Nirani and replace them with three other Lingayat MLAs.
Apparently, the chief minister might propose Karandlaje’s name for speakership but the central leadership may not favour this at this stage.

BSY mellows
*Yeddyurappa on Tuesday visited the Reddys' home turf Bellary, strikes a conciliatory note
*Recalls Reddys' contribution to formation of BJP govt
*BSY talks of formula to break deadlock but keeps mum on it
*He is visiting Delhi on Wednesday

Reddys bellow
*Janardhana Reddy meets Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi
*Vows not to return to Bangalore till Yeddyurappa is removed
*Janardhana’s brother Karunakara Reddy says
reports of Yeddyurappa continuing are a media creation

Formula follows
*No leadership change
*Axe Shobha Karandlaje and Principal Secretary to CM V P Baligar
*Appoint a new home minister 

 If it’s hollow...
*Crackdown on the Reddys
*Given the Reddys’ clout, numbers will be against BSY
*BJP government will be on the brink of collapse