'I have a backing called Shiamak Davar'

'I have a backing called Shiamak Davar'


I started in 1992 and joined Shiamak to check out good-looking women! Yes, that was the reason for me to join dance classes,” shares Marzi Pestonji rather candidly, who is today a known choreographer in the industry and a popular face on television too.

In City recently to join kids for ‘Shiamak’s Summer Funk 2 Show’ who paid tribute to Michael Jackson, the choreographer shared his thoughts on the evolving phase of choreography in mainstream Hindi cinema, his TV popularity and his guru, Shiamak Davar.
“In 1997, when Shaimak did Dil To Pagal Hai it changed the face of choreography in Indian film industry,” says Marzi explaining that, “earlier dancers were healthy (read plump) but after this movie, Bollywood choreography saw fit dancers. We were all from the Chhau dance company and all had toned bodies. So when the audience saw the actors, they also started seeing the dancers behind the actor,” he adds stating that he since then, “dance has only evolved and is now even considered as a career option unlike

In his 18-year long association with Shiamak, Marzi has had some unforgettable experiences. “CWG was one of the most memorable ones,” he exclaims because, “some were our kids and some were from different schools who had never been trained. It was a challenge for Shiamak to train them and an experience for me to see how he did it.”
“For Shiamak to choreograph a song, it is not difficult ever (sic),” he states and quickly adds, “I have always assisted Shiamak and will assist him in future for everything he does. I choose not to choreograph independently because I have a backing called Shiamak Davar,” says the disciple as he credits having worked with almost every known name in the industry to his guru. “Shahid is the one of the most hard-working actors in the industry. He and Mr Bachchan don’t say ‘no’ to anything (sic),” adds the happy assistant who got a chance to judge reality show Dance India Dance.

“To put it humbly, I have been in the industry more years than Remo or Terence sir. I know all about the technique and style because I have learnt it from one who knows the best of dance. For me to judge wasn’t difficult but I do not consider myself good enough because of the TV angle.” He now, however, enjoys the fame that has followed. “It is a lovely feeling. People recognise me on the road and I enjoy this part of life.”
But he still prefers, “choreographing stage shows and award nights over judging because, while choreographing, you are completely involved. It is a challenging job as compared to sitting and marking  someone else’s work and I like