From dreamers to achievers

From dreamers to achievers


From dreamers to achievers

The path from ideas to dream is paved by plans of achieving several goals that
lead to fulfillment of that dream, reckons Vimla Patil

While it maybe easier said than done, especially for those who are still working out what they want in life, the following tips maybe useful for those dreamers who have figured out their destinies and are eager to raise to the platform of success.

Sort out your dreams

Put your dreams in a workable order of achievement. Excitement about various possibilities often misdirects us into trying too many things at the same time. Once the main goal is in place, the others sometimes get automatically fulfilled or become more possible.  In the rush of our dreams, we have to realize the order in which they must be pursued. Don’t over-dream. Stay within your resources. Plan to save and increase your resources for the next step of your ladder. Make sure the most difficult of them is just – only just – beyond your capacity to achieve it.

Prioritize your goals

Determine your strategy to achieve fulfillment. Do you need training or skill additions to go towards your goal? Do you need practical experience? Do you need the guidance of someone who has been there and done it? Do you need others’ cooperation? Then find out where training and skill are available and take the classes. Some of these could be business language, computer programmes or apps, team building aptitudes, correct business speech, presentation of business schemes and proposals, social behaviour and management of time and resources. Make sure you get training from the right people.

From goals to dreams

Is constant travel, big investment or special education necessary for your goals? Consider if you can manage all these with your current situation. Then string together these goals and see if they can form the bogey for your dream train. Be strict and use incomes, resources for the right cause. Wasting money for a high social life or partying or hi end purchases at the wrong time will deplete your resources and slow down your progress. There is a time for everything in life. However, don’t sell yourself short with desperation. Wherever possible, set deadlines so you don’t waste time.

Recklessness of dreamers

There are some important questions that need to be answered while determining your goal. Will a change of city/residential area/company/ workplace/ friends /social circle help? Don’t hesitate to talk to people who are living your dream to learn how they achieved it when opportunity knocked at the door. There is no ‘given’ path to a goal. Check out the multiple ways to reach there. Smart achievers foresee their problems, glitches and obstacles and then plan how to get over pitfalls or mistakes on the road to success. Allow for mistakes of self and others. However, ruthlessness in jumping over fences is a choice every dreamer must make.

Work for mastery

Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, work towards it as if with the sole purpose of mastering it. Only when you are much ahead of yourself every next time will you be truly reaching out for success. Compete with yourself constantly and do better everytime. Perfection and mastery are not destinations you can arrive at; they are never-ending journeys.

Take them higher

When you rise in your work, career or ambition, make sure those who helped you also rise with you. Create a team spirit which is the basis of everyone’s growth and contentment. Undermining others and dropping them out of your orbit when good times come will make your life lonesome and difficult. When a whole group, company or team rises, they contribute the best to the nation’s growth which in turn makes your work venture prosper. Taking more people higher with you is the true secret of success and of human relationships.

Keep loved ones close

Your success will mean nothing if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Make sure you have a kind word for everyone who has stood by you and held your hand – including your domestic staff – in your success journey. Give respect and earn respect. Build both your personal and professional network on the basis of mutual trust, care, and respect.

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