Reddys may get the sack

Reddys may get the sack

Impasse continues: Time ripe for final showdown

Reddys may get the sack

But the CM will take this step if the high command gives him a green signal. At this juncture, the Delhi leaders are not for precipitating the matter.

Yeddyurappa left for New Delhi in a chartered flight from Hubli on Wednesday evening. The final showdown is the meeting with the dissidents arranged at BJP leader Sushma Swaraj’s residence in the national capital. Yeddyurappa has agreed to attend the meeting, while the Reddys are shying away.
The CM, according to his aides, wants to confront the Reddys in the presence of the high command’s representatives. He wants them to come out with their complaints in his presence instead of conveying the same through their feelers to the high command.

Yeddyurappa  told reporters that he will put a full stop to the political crisis in the State if he gets an opportunity to meet the Reddys in Delhi. As a last resort, an offer would be made by the CM camp that the leadership issue be postponed for the time being, at least by six months.

In case the Reddys come for a talk with the CM and yield no outcome, the axe would fall on Bellary brothers, it is expected. Yeddyurappa is said to have the backing of RSS leaders to embark on such a move. The CM’s camp feel that move would spark of a chain of events, resulting in the rival faction being reduced a mere nine with only the staunch supporters remaining with the Reddy brothers.
Three ministers and eight MLAs from the Yeddyurappa camp told reporters that it was either Yeddyurappa continuing as their leader or facing a mid-term polls.

Ministers Bache Gowda, H Halappa, Umesh Katti besides legislators D N Jeevaraj, S R Vishwanath, N Muniraju, among others said that the party had sought the mandate of the people portraying Yeddyurappa as the chief ministerial candidate.

The ministers and legislators were unanimous in their opinion that mid-term polls would be inevitable if Yeddyurappa were to be replaced.

There has been some opposition in the CM’s camp seeking JD(S) support. Labour Minister  Bache Gowda said he is against the BJP joining hands with the JD(S) to form an alternative government.