Keeping up with fashion trends

Keeping up with fashion trends

Season change

  Comfort level is an important factor while updating your wardrobe. As a season changes, it is important to put away the clothes of the previous season neatly in a corner of your wardrobe, and bring in the required clothes of the present season as quickly as possible. Seasons keep changing and in order to be fashionable, one must keep up with the trends of the respective seasons.

There is no point in wearing a sweater during spring. It is uncomfortable for the one who is wearing it and also shows the lack of aesthetic and dressing sense in that person.

Rekha M, a fashion designer says, “Pick your clothes carefully. Don’t overload your wardrobe with clothes which you may not use. Keep in mind to stick to not only the colours you like alone, but also the colours which are appropriate for the respective season. Keep in mind, your comfort levels as well.”

If your wardrobe is overloaded with summer-wear during autumn or winter, it’s high time you think of giving it a makeover. Always buy clothes which you think you don’t have. There is no point in buying a jacket when you already have four in your wardrobe especially when you know that you do not own any scarf and desperately need one.

Always keep in mind to buy something which is trendy and in fashion.

Bhavana J, another fashion designer says, “Keep your wardrobe tidy and keep reviewing all the clothes in there. After reviewing, select some clothes and discard the others which you think have been worn out and done to death. Always keep in mind to retain clothes which are in colour, and are also trendy and comfortable enough for you to be worn. If possible, try to have a colour-coordinated bag and footwear also.”

Also, keep in mind that when you buy something, it should always go well along with your other colourful accessories. Plus whatever you buy should serve two purposes — make you look good and smart; and fit you right for the season. For example, if it is winter, you must be able to stay warm and if it is summer, you should not feel too hot and choked in those clothes.

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