'I have no interest in acting'

Producer, screenwriter and director Kiran Rao has effortlessly carved a niche for herself in the industry. Prominent in the fraternity for her choice of films, Kiran, who has always opted to take the path untread, was in the City recently to promote the film ‘Ship of Theseus’, which she is presenting. In conversation with Metrolife, she talks about her journey so far.

It was in 2001 that she was first spotted in a blink-and-miss role in Dil Chahta Hai. Ask her now if she will be seen on the big screen again and she quickly retorts, “I have no interest in acting in films. Just don’t look for me in Dil Chahta Hai.”

Twelve years on, after having made a mark in the industry, she says that her success mantra has been to follow her instincts in her career. “There is an audience for all kinds of things. If you only look at pleasing them, then it would be catering to someone else’s idea of a good film or plot. I would say that instinct is something inexplicable — there is no logic, but I make sure that I follow my instinct with all films,” she explains, adding that she is glad to be considered successful.

Although she says that the team has no expectations from the box office with regard to her latest offering, she adds that those who do make the effort of going to the cinemas to watch it are bound to like it. “I am sure people will be able to connect with it. But none of us in the team are looking at the monetary aspect,” she says. Ask her what her perfectionist husband Aamir Khan had to say about the film and she smiles, “Aamir has been very supportive and encouraging with respect to the film. He likes it very much. In fact, we are holding a private screening in Mumbai.” 

Ask her if the film has a restricted audience and she says that the film caters largely to the urban crowd. “We’ve tried to involve the audience in this film. This film works on multiple levels. There are a lot of interesting ideas and concepts. Plus it has a deep philosophical core. It works on the surface and at a deeper level. Very few films work on so many levels,” she opines.

 Bollywood is abuzz with the news of Shah Rukh Khan’s surrogate baby, but she refuses to speak about it. “It’s too personal. I would rather not comment,” she says. Talking about Bangalore, a city she enjoys coming to, she says that the highlight of her trip was an afternoon over lunch with friends at Hallimane. “I just love Bangalore,” she comments. In the near future, she is looking forward to writing. “I plan to do some writing. Let’s see where that takes me. The idea is in my mind, we’ll just have to wait and watch,” she signs off. 

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