Bites from chef's plate

Bites from chef's plate

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Bites from chef's plate

Sanjeev Kapoor. DH photo by Shiva Kumar B H

He is undoubtedly the most loved chef on Indian television. No wonder master chef Sanjeev Kapoor was thronged by people of all age groups, when he came to the City to launch his book Flavours of the Orient. Fans told the chef how much they loved his show Khana Khazana, which has been on air for more than a decade now.

“Simplicity is the key,” Sanjeev says, explaining the reason for his show’s success. “I have always felt I should show dishes that work for people. If I feel I have a chance of failure while making a dish, I will not show it.” He adds, “I get my fair share of criticism as well. For instance, vegetarians complain when I make
non-vegetarian dishes.”

As the name suggests, Flavours of the Orient is about the cuisines of the East.

“These days, people want to eat more than just Indian food. They want more dishes, that can be cooked at home.” Sanjeev feels that the book has come at the right time as the people these days have become more experimental. “They are more adventurous and have started to know the minute details of cooking, like the difference between light and dark soya sauce.” 

Sanjeev is all praises for Bangalore in this regard. “Bangalore has always been ahead of other cities. It’s more open and adventurous.”

Speaking of adventures, what does he think of the new-age food shows like Foodie and Highway On My Plate? He merely smiles, “I don’t get to see my own shows on television.”

He adds, “However, if I know the person conducting the show, I observe it. But I always get tensed when I see these shows and feel that the dishes shown should be done in a particular way. And I feel bad if these programmes show dishes which can’t be prepared at home.”

Will we see him host reality shows on cooking like Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef? “Talks are on and we are coming up with something, but I can’t reveal much,” he smiles.

Sanjeev also has initiated a programme called Wonder Chef, which enables women to develop a business of their own. “I have been teaching through my shows and now I want to help women earn and be independent.”

Is Bollywood also beckoning? “I have been receiving offers but nothing with potential. I was even offered the role of Rice Plate Reddy in Quick Gun Murugan,” he laughs.

Is it a coincidence that a majority of the chefs are males? “In our country, no matter which profession women are in, they are expected to take care of the house as well,” he reasons. “Maybe that’s why not many of them stick around in this profession as it’s a physically demanding job with long working hours,” he signs off.