In anticipation of good things

Engaging faculty

In anticipation of good things

It is the two crucial foundation years before degree course that every student tries to make the most of. There is a lot of focus on academics understandably. But they aren’t ready to forego the fun and games just yet.

Freshers of Sindhi College (Pre-University) talk to Metrolife about why they chose this college and what they expect from the next two years.

Afreen, who is pursuing PCMB, says, “The education system here is known to be good, which is why my father wanted me to join the college. It’s close to my house, making it convenient and safe for me.” She adds, “What I’ve experienced so far is that if someone has a doubt or doesn’t understand a concept, it is explained till he or she gets it. There is equal importance given to all. I’m also excited about playing different sports, which is encouraged among students.”

Most students agree that the kind of exposure offered made them lean towards this college. “You get to attend seminars and hear lectures by people in the field you’re studying. During admissions, there was merit and sports quota as well, which shows that the college strikes a balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

The teachers are helpful and don’t disregard our doubts. They’d probably even repeat the entire class if we asked,” laughs Akash AS, who is doing his PCMB at the college.
For Naman Malhotra, who is studying SEBM, the facilities and faculty lured him to this college. “I’ve heard praises about the teachers, infrastructure and general environment here. It is friendly and doesn’t make you feel nervous. The teachers are professional and highly qualified,” he says.

A lot of students also chose the college because their peers were going there.
 “I chose this college because my friends were joining and I was getting a good discount. It’s very interactive and there are a lot of events that I want to be a part of here,” notes Shravan Kumar, a fresher.

“I personally picked this college because it is reputed, not because my relatives or friends are going here. The campus is conducive to studying and engages students in a lot of activities beyond the specific curriculum. It’s very comforting to be here,” says Shreyas C Bhat.

The campus itself is a cause for celebration for many of the students. “I fell in love with the campus when I came for my brother’s graduation,” says Nitya, while her friend Aditi adds, “there’s an indoor stadium, which is very well-maintained. I can’t wait to use the facilities!”

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