Admission to SJCE delayed by another day

Parents hope that the wait for admission will end today

Parents and students who have been waiting since July 15 for admission into Sri Jayachamaraja College of Engineering (SJCE) in the city suffered yet another days’ wait on Monday.

Vice-principal of SJCE, Shakib-Ur-Rehman addressing parents and students in the college premises, said that admission for the seats in question will begin on Tuesday.

“Owing to a communication gap, the joint memo that had to be signed between the Department of Higher Education and SJCE management to continue with the 95:5 allocation of seats in the High Court, could not take place on Monday,” he said. He promised that the process would be completed on Tuesday, paving way for the pending admissions.

Regretting the inconvenience faced by students and parents, he said that department officials had not come prepared to sign the joint memo on Monday. Admission of students is expected to begin at 11.30 am on Tuesday.

Expenses incurred

The parents of children seeking admission to SJCE, speaking to Deccan Herald narrated the inconveniences caused to them owing to the logjam.

Shivananda Doddalingannanawar, a resident of Belgaum is seeking admission for his son Mahesh said that the logjam had cost him dear. “Since we all got the message that admission will begin on Monday, I had to hire a car for Rs 6,000 and rush here. However, admission is not yet been done and I have been made to wait another day,” he added.
Sangappa Belthadri, hailing from Koppal also faced the same problem.

Confident that admission will be completed on Monday, he had booked a return ticket to Koppal. “The ticket is cancelled now and I have to bear additional expenses, which has been been escalating thanks to this crisis,” he said.

The problems of additional economic burden has hurt all the parents alike. Some claim that they have spent more money than what was required for the admission.
However, with seats assured and admission promised tomorrow, they have breathed a sigh of relief and are hoping that the wait for admission finally ends.

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