Filled with great expectations

Adjusting to a new friend circle, new campus that is to become your second home and a unique learning experience are some of the novelties that a student encounters when he or she first goes to the college. Brimming with the hope of pursuing big plans for the future, the freshers at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College tell Metrolife about how they feel about joining the college.

Sonali Pradhan, a fresher, believes that the college will provide the required foundation needed for her career. “It’s a really a nice campus. Not just the teachers but people in general are open-minded and friendly. I chose this college because the placements are known to be good and many of my friends were joining too,” she says.
In the science department, there is a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge, which makes even the less nerdy students enjoy their curriculum.

“I’m excited to be studying this course here. I’ve never been in an all-girls college but I’m not nervous because of the reputation it holds. Teachers are sweet but stern,” notes Hafsa, a BSc student. “I got a good vibe when I came to check out the campus and apply. You can enjoy your freedom and it also lets you broaden your perspective since the people teaching you are experienced. I will say the college’s name proudly when I leave,” shares Nishat, another first-year student.

Manjari Saraogi, who is pursuing BBM from the college, says, “I completed my PU in this college and it’s exciting to feel like a senior for a change. At the same time, I’m making a switch from science to commerce and the change in stream is a little tough.
But they teach the syllabus from the start and I should be able to cover up what I have missed.” What’s more cause for excitement among both the students and staff members is the arrival of a new principal for the girls, who is as eager to get on with her new role. About the new batch of students, principal Shanthi Solomon, says, “It’s nice to have new faces in the college. They are a vibrant and enthusiastic bunch, who are receptive to what their elders say. They have a lot of expectations from the college and we hope that we can fulfil that as an institute.”

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