Boost for veterans this time

Boost for veterans this time

General KOA awards

Compared to three veterans honoured last year, this year, ten champions of yesteryear will be recognised for their contributions.

Releasing the list of awardees, KOA president K Govindaraj said the decision was made keeping in mind their contribution to the development of sports in the State.

“They are an integral part in the development of sport. Some of these awards have been long pending and we thought we’ll give away as many as possible,” said Govindaraj.

The list also includes 14 active sportspersons, a coach and two media houses.

The awardees, selected by a five-member panel, will receive Rs 20,000 each and mementoes from State Governor Hans Raj Bharadwaj at the Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

“This time, we have increased the prize money from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000,” said Govindaraj.

Govindaraj added that the KOA was more than prepared to conduct the National Youth Games next May, the only problem being the confirmation of dates by the government and the IOA.

“There are some issues such as accommodation, food and equipment, but everything will be sorted out by May next year. It’s up to the government and the IOA to decide on the dates.”

List of awardees: Rebecca Jose (athletics), Koushal Ravi Kumar (basketball), Prakash Jolly (badminton), Sangappa S Kurani (cycling), Vishal Kumar R (football), Somanna KM (hockey), Rohini B Patil (judo), Mayakka R Chopade (kabaddi), Ashok Kumar (kho-kho), Sharan Susheel Gyanchand (shooting), Kshipra Mahajan (swimming), Navaneeth (table tennis),Tufan Kumar Poddar (taekwondo), Ravi Kumar TD (volleyball).

Coach: Made Gowda (volleyball).

Veterans: Rangadev SA (basketball), Dilip G (basketball), Amaladass I (boxing), Capt Narayanan (boxing), Capt Venu M (boxing), Krishnaji Rao (football), Nagendra AD (football), Elveira Britto (hockey), Ashish Kumar Ballal (hockey), Usha Sunderraj (table tennis).

Media houses: Print: Kannada Prabha; Visual: E-TV Kannada.