Go bigger, bolder and brighter

Go bigger, bolder and brighter

Go bigger, bolder and brighter

The bold, beautiful, unique, oversized, over-the-top and surprisingly elegant rings are back in vogue. Bright, sparkly and fierce oversized rings can be the perfect low cost solution to spice up your everyday outfits. Just wear one in any colour and you are good to go.

The right piece of jewellery has the ability to make an entire outfit — be it a turtleneck or an evening gown. And while small, sentimental pieces never go out of style, this season’s statement jewel features an oversized ring.

Experiments have been done with necklaces, earrings and more – now go for a big cocktail ring to complete your look. Don’t be shy and add big colourful rings to your jewellery box!

Ritu Seth, a jewellery designer, says, “These rings are smart and sleek. Just one ring completes the whole look. Nowadays, people don’t have much time to get ready and such pieces can enhance the look.”

“These rings are eye-catchy and a shortcut to make a style statement. A butterfly, a round-shaped one with pink, gold and silver combination can do wonders with your wardrobe,” adds Ritu.

Rings in ruby, sapphire, emerald also gives that vintage or timeless look. Oversized rings can go with anything – from sarees to gown to jeans to Indian casual wear too. Just one colourful ring and you are set for the outing.

But, keep in mind to keep it minimal. Any exaggeration on the body, will make it look tacky. Going big with jewellery in too many areas can turn you quickly from fashionista to circus clown. 

Choose one or two pieces at a time to overstate with larger-than-life jewellery and keep the rest toned down. Decide where you want to draw the eye and go big.How you dress is also important if you want your oversized jewellery to pop. The simpler the rest of your look is, the better!