'In India people like mindless entertainment'

'In India people like mindless entertainment'

An amazing amalgamation of soulful and deep vocals, Sona Mohapatra’s rustic texture has brought a new kind of singing style in Bollywood. With hits like Bedardi Raja, Jiya lage na and Ambarsariya in her kitty, Sona is on a high!

Known to add her unique and original touch to every song she sings, Sona does exactly that with the latest composition by husband Ram Sampath – Main toh piya se based on the poetry of the 13th century poet Hazrat Amir Khusro in her latest stint on a musical show, which had a theme – Devi.

“We wanted to highlight how horrible the situation is for women today. And while choosing the theme, we thought that are we limiting our audience because in India people like mindless entertainment. But good music finds its right listeners.”

Sona, who was last seen in the news for stepping out on streets protesting the gang rape in Mumbai, dedicated her show to women power and their energies. Referring to the incident, the singer says, “Rape has become a national disease. The attitude towards women is so ridiculous, the sex ratio is shrinking. It is no more about Haryana or Rajasthan when it comes to female foeticide – it has spread everywhere.”

“We are in deep trouble because of the manner in which we raise our boys, as if they can get away with everything that they are in some way superior. And I used to think that it only happens in small towns, but I was shocked to encounter it even in places like Mumbai, where a father tells his son not to pick up his plate but instead asks his sister do it. For me rape is worse than murder, it needs punishment worse than murder. It is not about any sexual urge, it is about power and control,” adds Sona.

After talking to Metrolife on social issues, Sona thanked his husband Ram Sampath for letting her sing on his compositions. “I am blessed to have a partner like Ram. He composes songs which suit me, my voice, personality, what I want to say to the world. It is  a blessing.”

Sona who focuses on telling stories through her songs listens to a wide range of music. “Nothing can beat Nirguni music. But I also love flamenco and Blues – basically music which has a lot of drama and soul. I have grown up listening to Thumri, Kajri and Hori. So, I love listening to them as well.”

The singer who chose to follow her dream when she quit an engineering job loves live performances. “I love exchanging energies with the audience and getting immediate response. Nothing beats the on-stage performance with my musicians for sure.”